Interior Design Services

Based in Sevenoaks, Kent but with easy access to London, Tunbridge Wells and its surrounding areas, I offer a range of interior design consultancy services which include:

advice and consultation;

the styling or restyling of individual spaces, rooms or homes;

planning, design and drawing;

the creation of mood and sample boards;

project management;

the sourcing of objects, fabrics and furnishings.

the decluttering and re-organising of spaces.

In short, an interior design service that is tailor made to your requirements. My involvement can be as limited or as extensive as you would like it to be.


"We are absolutely thrilled with the space you created in our new home. You took my rambling ideas and transformed them into a warm and welcoming home with amazing punch! I appreciated your creativity and keen sense of style – always finding the perfect piece or colour. You paid great attention to detail but never lost sight of what we were trying to create overall. A truly fantastic job Adele. I cannot wait for our next project!"

Susan K, London

“It is a pleasure working with Adele. She has an eye for colour and form and I've seen her transform a room simply by rearranging it. She listens to what you think you want while, in the nicest possible way, encouraging you to explore things you would never have thought about. All to great effect. Her starting point is what you already have in your home. She is super efficient and very organized and I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Vanessa D, London

“Adele has combined her unique style with creativity in abundance to create an interior that is stylish and cutting edge yet homely and calm. I have appreciated being able to make use of what I already have alongside a few carefully selected new pieces. Adele is passionate about what she does and has gone about my project in an efficient and positive way, completing it on time and within budget. A rare find. I’m looking forward to the next project!”

Alison G, London.

"Adele is not in the business of throwing out what you have painstakingly collected or become attached to over the years (unless you want her to!). She works to transform your home by using your favourite pieces. Suddenly it’s obvious how they should have been arranged! Adele understands that cost is an issue. She encourages investment where it will really make a difference, such as for a statement piece, but is smart in suggesting cost effective ways to restore or recycle items to keep the budget manageable. We believe her approach has saved us money and stopped the cycle of buying things that are not quite right to replace items that were also never quite right. Thanks to Adele our house is a haven we are happy to come home to. She has rescued neglected spaces so that the maximum pleasure is extracted from every room. We cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Julian P, Seal Chart.

"Dear Adele, Thank you for the wonderful work you did redecorating our main bedroom and refurbishing the en-suite bathroom. I am delighted with the end result! I also appreciated your professionalism and the fact that you obviously enjoy and take pride in what you do. I couldn't have been any more particular with the details than you were! Thanks again and looking forward to our next project.”

Cristina M, Sevenoaks.