Adele Cleaver

A well designed and stylish interior not only looks beautiful but enhances and supports the lives of the people who live and relax or work in it. Its style should be a reflection of them. Of who they are, of what they hold dear and of how they like to live their lives.

My work is not defined by any one style as no two spaces or projects are the same. I come to each new space with a fresh pair of eyes. I promise to listen first and only then to translate that into the style, form and function you seek.

My interiors are not precious. They are lived in by real people. I draw inspiration from and seek to translate into my work the true nature and character of the place in question. Its light, its architecture, its mood, the context in which it exists and the people whose daily lives it supports. Only then do I look at how that space could be filled, seeking individual solutions that are true to its character and style and the people who belong there.

I believe that objects, like the people we chose to share our lives with, should enhance the spaces we inhabit and not simply fill them for the sake of doing so.

I grew up in and have spent most of my adult life in Africa. As such, I am forever inspired by this land of exquisite, natural beauty. The art and artefacts of its talented and diverse people. Its big skies and the bone warming splendour of its sun. Its wide open spaces and the glorious creatures who roam them. In short, an abundance of organic form and natural treasure which blend so seamlessly into the most modern, sophisticated or traditional of interiors lending to them an eclecticism that is both exciting and rich.

Above all, I am inspired by the ordinary things we do in our everyday lives and by how good design - that perfect blend of form with function, of light with texture and composition with balance - adds quality and meaning to those experiences.